Yoga is the development of our ability to focus the mind and be able to be present without distraction.

Yoga can be beneficial in so many ways - as exercise to improve flexibility, balance, build strength, stability, posture, to reduce stress and anxiety, meditation, maybe even a spiritual practice, or simply as a class to meet and make friends.

The practice of yoga is more than five thousand years old, originating from the Indus Valley, but now is practised world wide. More and more people are discovering how yoga can engender a sense of well being and improve the balance of everyday lives.

Health Benefits

Doing yoga is good for your health in innumerable ways. Many of them are connected to yoga's proven ability to reduce stress. So many ailments are caused or exacerbated by stress: heart disease, insomnia, headaches, depression, diabetes, IBS, infertility - the list goes on. There is a great deal of research and information on the benefits of yoga on line, have a look.

New beginner yoga class

new beginner yoga class

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