Welcome to Yoga with Claire Nash

I trained as a yoga teacher in 1999 with Duncan Hulin at The Devon School of Yoga, after 5 years of teaching I completed another year with Ranju Roy and then continued four more years with Paul Harvey at the Centre of Yoga Studies. I have found so far that as I evolve and change through life, body and mind so has the way I have approached my yoga practise and the way I teach and as so every teacher, every experience which I have had comes through with my teaching.

The core teaching that stays with me over these years is that yoga is for the individual and needs to be adjusted to suit that person in that moment of their lives.

I teach a range of classes with students of varying ability's. Please do not think you are too stiff for yoga.

Please contact me if you have any concerns that may affect you joining one of my classes and I can discuss this with you.

New beginner yoga class

new beginner yoga class

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